Catering and Kitchen Design

Design Centre

With 15 years experience in the catering equipment industry; our designs are aimed to suit all our customers’ needs in ways that will work efficiently and practically.

We are committed to present uncomplicated kitchen solutions which are fully functional and will serve our customers’ needs. With computer aided drawings we present to our customers an on-scale presentation of their new proposed kitchen layouts with the appropriate equipment in it.

At the end of the design process, our customers will have all the necessary information to plan and budget for a new or modified kitchen.

Projects recently completed


16.03_Kaleidoskoop SA Sentrale Kombuis_20160209_recover_recover001-A1B -... 16.03_Klein Roosboom_20160420-CAT_A2A thumb 16.08_ENG. FAC.STELLENBOSCH_20161010dwg-A1A thumb 16.13_The Hub_20160825-A3A thumb

Kaleidoskoop SA Sentrale


Klein Roosboom


Eng. Fac. Stellenbosch


The Hub


16.15_Western Province Catering_20160825_recover_recover-Cat_A1D thumb 16.32_ACKERMANS KITCHEN_20161129-Cat_A1A thumb  

Western Province Catering


Ackermans Kitchen